Saturday, March 30


We made our way up the east coast of Ireland, buying low from villages and selling high in the cities. The villages have been receptive of our trade, but Limnus greeted us with arrows. We drew back from the village to survey the scene when the peasants working a field filled us in. Bandits had run down the down with extortion, but not being able to pay the last debt they took over. We agreed to help marshal the peasants against their oppressors attacked at dawn.

The bandits were mounted and ready for battle. Someone had tipped them off! We rallied to a nearby hill and met the initial charge with a wall of scythes. Veeyar, Perceval and Longinus circled around and took out their archer back line while the rest of us charged down the hill to join the battle. Many peasants lost their lives to claim back the village, but in the end the bandits fell.

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