Saturday, March 30

Bralinus lost!

Further up the coast another village had been infested with thieves. We convinced the peasants to accept our lead, retelling the liberation of Limnus. A night attack this time but they rose the alarm to organise a defense before we could get to the heart of the village. We retreated back to a nearby hill to wait for their advance, but this time it was different. Instead of horse and warriors, the bandits had bows aplenty. They kept back in the village and plucked off the peasants from afar. Having no alternate, Veeyar called the charge and led our party through the centre of the enemy. A few lucky shots felled his horse and the mob descended upon him. We managed to rescue our fallen leader and drag him to safety, but the momentum had swung. Peasants fell around us and we had to abandon the fight. Flames lit the sky as we rode off in shame.

We had set camp to the north of Bralinus to tend our wounds, but we were once again set upon by bandits. Veeyar had recovered enough to lead the charge again and although the rest of us fell to the 11 bandits, Veeyar carried the day and left the field the only man standing. Using quarterstaffs and maces in the battle meant we had kept them unconscious rather than killed outright. The prisoners will slow us down, but it will be good seeing them brought to justice.

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