Friday, March 29

Tools from Modona

The reasons for travel to the Green Isle weren't immediately apparent, but all of us in one was or another were happy to leave our troubles at the shoreline. It turned out to be a hunt for high quality tools at bargain basement prices (once more to Marnid's brilliance in negotiating).

Delivering the tools to the closest city of Menapia, he were once again followed by a small group of bandits. We trapped them fording a river, giving us an opportunity to break them apart and run through them individually as they exited. My pick on the spoils gave me some leather armour instead of my travelling dress. It's a little bloody from the previous occupant, but it'll clean up Ok.

The Menapia merchants all had tools for sale and none were buying. There was a glut. We may be able to pick up even more tools at the 150 mark, but a glut usually means that there will be other villages eager to sell them even cheaper. We kept them in our bags and proceeded on to the next town. Heading east confirmed our suspicions with tools bartered down to 45 denarii in the next village.

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