Thursday, March 28

Longinus and Tressa

The velvet sold well. That and the wool, oil and deer meat we picked up from villages on the way. With a large sum of denarii lining our pockets, Veeyar headed back to Pendragon's Claw to pick up some more party members that needed the money before joining up. Longinus is an older man with a wealth of experience in siege warfare and wall building. he seems genuine enough, which is more than I can say for Tressa. She seems shifty and talks a rough tongue. Her abilities in tracking exceed mine though, so I'm definitely feeling on the outer of the assembled group.

We also picked up some extra horses to help keep our pace up and 3 crossbows for the party. I was truly surprised that one was passed my way considering the talent on offer. Veeyar pulled me aside later and mentioned that I should stay out of the combat and pick enemies off from afar. Am I that transparent in my aversion to front line fighting?

After a night in town we're heading out to the docks of Menapia for a ride across the sea to Ireland. I didn't see Zulfoss anywhere in the city, but I'll be glad to get a sea between us just in case.

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