Saturday, March 30

Bralinus lost!

Further up the coast another village had been infested with thieves. We convinced the peasants to accept our lead, retelling the liberation of Limnus. A night attack this time but they rose the alarm to organise a defense before we could get to the heart of the village. We retreated back to a nearby hill to wait for their advance, but this time it was different. Instead of horse and warriors, the bandits had bows aplenty. They kept back in the village and plucked off the peasants from afar. Having no alternate, Veeyar called the charge and led our party through the centre of the enemy. A few lucky shots felled his horse and the mob descended upon him. We managed to rescue our fallen leader and drag him to safety, but the momentum had swung. Peasants fell around us and we had to abandon the fight. Flames lit the sky as we rode off in shame.

We had set camp to the north of Bralinus to tend our wounds, but we were once again set upon by bandits. Veeyar had recovered enough to lead the charge again and although the rest of us fell to the 11 bandits, Veeyar carried the day and left the field the only man standing. Using quarterstaffs and maces in the battle meant we had kept them unconscious rather than killed outright. The prisoners will slow us down, but it will be good seeing them brought to justice.

Better aiming

After the battle, Veeyar publically applauded my crossbow work. I had managed to skewer 3 bandits in the fight and felt more at ease with the weapon than previously. He took me aside afterward to highlight some additional techniques in leading a fast rider, the only ones I would consistently miss. Hopefully now I can contribute more to the team.


We made our way up the east coast of Ireland, buying low from villages and selling high in the cities. The villages have been receptive of our trade, but Limnus greeted us with arrows. We drew back from the village to survey the scene when the peasants working a field filled us in. Bandits had run down the down with extortion, but not being able to pay the last debt they took over. We agreed to help marshal the peasants against their oppressors attacked at dawn.

The bandits were mounted and ready for battle. Someone had tipped them off! We rallied to a nearby hill and met the initial charge with a wall of scythes. Veeyar, Perceval and Longinus circled around and took out their archer back line while the rest of us charged down the hill to join the battle. Many peasants lost their lives to claim back the village, but in the end the bandits fell.

Friday, March 29

Tools from Modona

The reasons for travel to the Green Isle weren't immediately apparent, but all of us in one was or another were happy to leave our troubles at the shoreline. It turned out to be a hunt for high quality tools at bargain basement prices (once more to Marnid's brilliance in negotiating).

Delivering the tools to the closest city of Menapia, he were once again followed by a small group of bandits. We trapped them fording a river, giving us an opportunity to break them apart and run through them individually as they exited. My pick on the spoils gave me some leather armour instead of my travelling dress. It's a little bloody from the previous occupant, but it'll clean up Ok.

The Menapia merchants all had tools for sale and none were buying. There was a glut. We may be able to pick up even more tools at the 150 mark, but a glut usually means that there will be other villages eager to sell them even cheaper. We kept them in our bags and proceeded on to the next town. Heading east confirmed our suspicions with tools bartered down to 45 denarii in the next village.

Thursday, March 28

Longinus and Tressa

The velvet sold well. That and the wool, oil and deer meat we picked up from villages on the way. With a large sum of denarii lining our pockets, Veeyar headed back to Pendragon's Claw to pick up some more party members that needed the money before joining up. Longinus is an older man with a wealth of experience in siege warfare and wall building. he seems genuine enough, which is more than I can say for Tressa. She seems shifty and talks a rough tongue. Her abilities in tracking exceed mine though, so I'm definitely feeling on the outer of the assembled group.

We also picked up some extra horses to help keep our pace up and 3 crossbows for the party. I was truly surprised that one was passed my way considering the talent on offer. Veeyar pulled me aside later and mentioned that I should stay out of the combat and pick enemies off from afar. Am I that transparent in my aversion to front line fighting?

After a night in town we're heading out to the docks of Menapia for a ride across the sea to Ireland. I didn't see Zulfoss anywhere in the city, but I'll be glad to get a sea between us just in case.

Wednesday, March 27

Velvet to Caerdyff

Marnid had strung a deal together for velvet at a cheap price of 650 denarii per roll. Veeyar had enough for 2 rolls and with a near certain 750 selling price back in Caerdyff we headed southward again.

While on the trail past Ariconum, a group of 10 bandits had our mark. Althoughh we could have outrun them, even laden down with trade goods, Veeyar purposely held us back to lure them into an attack. We kept them at a distance, peppering them with arrows before turning to charge the remainder. Veeyar and Perceval led the charge and tore them apart, 2 dropped from the arrows, 4 in the first charge, and 4 mopped up as they broke and ran. Victory is ours!

Time for some sewing though. Some of the blood wasn't theirs ...

Sunday, March 24

Searching for Perceval

We set off at dawn. Only 3 of us formed the rescue party; Veeyar,Marnid and myself. Of the others at the bar, Veeyar would only mention that they demanded a sum greater than their worth. Could we take on a strong bandit group with only 3 of us?

Finding the right bandits proved to be more of a problem. Many villagers on the way north could attest to bandit activity, but nothing fitting the description of the bandit leader Veeyar had fought.

A lucky find when talking to a traveller revealed that Perceval must have made an escape. He had sold his bow to afford a horse to ride north to Dolocauthi with. We headed that way too and with only the 3 of us travelling light we made great time and outran any roaming bandits.

Sure enough, Perceval had made it to Dolocauthi and we came upon him at the tavern. A strong character with solid experience in fighting. His demeanor is inspiring with a strong passion for chivalry. One such as he riding under the banner of Veeyar speaks well for both men, and I see why Veeyar wanted him back at his side.

Marnid has proven to be a bartering genius and puts me to shame. I'm sure I'll learn from his eforts, but my contribution to the party may lie more with medicine. I used to dabble with herbs and unguents on the farm and have even trained under a surgeon for animals. Hopefully my skills in this area won't be relied on, but the campfire stories may mean combat is not far away.

Saturday, March 23


March 23, Year of our Lord - 409
Down on my luck, I was reveling away my last few denarii at Pandragon's Claw when a stranger entered the tavern. A tall, somewhat handsome man clad in mail armour. He had a purpose about him and a gleam in his eye as he surveyed the patrons. He was recruiting. I followed his progression through the tables, talking at length to other, more illustrious members of Caerdyff. A few met his approval and gathered at a table toward the rear or the tavern, but most were turned away.

He approached my table and uttered the phrase I had overheard him use previously on other tables; "Is anyone looking for adventure?"
"Maybe.." I replied. No need to sound desperate.
"We are striking north to rescue Perceval, who still remains a captive of bandits. We were set upon as we crossed the Snowdonian mountains. I managed to escape on the first night, but Perceval remained to cover my escape. Now I need willing and able men .. err .. women to help me. Interested?". The speech needed correcting, but I'll let that slide. He looks tired.
"A rescue mission? Sounds exciting. I've been more accustomed to trading along these routes than fighting, but I may know the lay of the land if you're heading through the mountains again. I'm not that much of a swordhand, but I'm a fast learner." Did that sound too naff? C'mon, you need more people. Hire me please!
"A scout? Excellent news! I have a long hunting tradition through the dales, but feel out of place here on the western edge. As long as you feel confident on a horse and can hold your own in a fight, you're welcome to join our party. We share any treasure by merit, but I can't offer a wage."
"Do you swear allegiance to anyone?". Not that it matters to me, but it's best to clear the air before you share a camp with someone.
"I'm keen on travelling the length and breadth of this fine land" He replied. "My allegiance is to my party and their allegiance is to me".
"You make a compelling case. I can ride, but alas am without horse at the moment." Hopefully that's not a deal breaker. It's been a long while since I've had to ride too, but more confident on horseback than in a line of infantry.
"That won't be a problem. Marnid! Set this fine lady up with a courser! The name is Veeyar, and yours?"
"Welcome aboard" He said with a wink.