Wednesday, March 27

Velvet to Caerdyff

Marnid had strung a deal together for velvet at a cheap price of 650 denarii per roll. Veeyar had enough for 2 rolls and with a near certain 750 selling price back in Caerdyff we headed southward again.

While on the trail past Ariconum, a group of 10 bandits had our mark. Althoughh we could have outrun them, even laden down with trade goods, Veeyar purposely held us back to lure them into an attack. We kept them at a distance, peppering them with arrows before turning to charge the remainder. Veeyar and Perceval led the charge and tore them apart, 2 dropped from the arrows, 4 in the first charge, and 4 mopped up as they broke and ran. Victory is ours!

Time for some sewing though. Some of the blood wasn't theirs ...

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